CASE STudies

After extensive market research and developmental analysis, Econ Evidence has published their most recent investigations - from Obamacare Research to College Addiction and Global Warming. Please click the buttons below to read our case studies and let us know your thoughts or recommendations for the next topic!

Social Media Addiction

Addiction to Social Media and the Internet is real. How often do you see Couples on each of their respective phones, during a date rather than speaking to reach other? How have our devices impacted us, and what is in store in the future?

Inmate Labor is Real

Prison Labor is taking many lower paying jobs in the economy and most Americans are completely unaware. Is this another form of Slave Labor or is their work part of repayment to society? You decide.

2016 Lobbying


Is anyone paying attention to lobbying in the Presidential Race? Do you know how much money is given to lobby Congress each year to have them pass laws in certain companies favor? We are going to get deep into Lobbying...

The New Forms of Terrorism


Terrorism has taken a new form in America, and it is not only in Gun Violence. There is a problem in America, and I believe it is being disguised. It is called Mental Health, and it is quite often overlooked. Lets examine.

2016 Presenditial Election

This is the craziest year of Elections in History perhaps... Why? Because we have a reality TV Star and a woman that may be indited for an email scandal. Can the Libertarian be the answer? Lets examine.

The Federal Reserve Isn't Federal?

Do you know how new money is entered in the US economy? What ever happened to the bail out of 2008, where did the money go, and will our National Debt ever be paid off? Here we explain what the Federal Reserve actually does, and it may surprise you!

Why Are Old Systems Still True Today...

There are so many old systems that still claim to be true and have followers, even in this modern digital age. Why do we still have podiums? Why do we still have badly constructed debates for presidential candidates, while carry so much importance! Let's examine... 

Economic Disparity. Answer: Education

The age of income inequality is rising. CEO's salary has increased more than 500% since 2005; has yours? In this article Econometric Evidence examines the root causes of economic disparity and ideas of how to create a society with no poor.

Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse

Most people do not know what the most abused drugs in America are, and the answer may shock you! In this exclusive study taken from UC San Diego undergraduates, an idea of ‘what drugs are used and why’ is analyzed.

MOBIT - BiPolar Mobile Application

UC San Diego’s Tech Transfer Office and a UC San Diego Doctor newly innovated a BiPolar social networking application, making loved ones aware of trials a patient is going through. This case study details a Go-To-Market strategy for the application to be sold and acquired by a Large Social Networking Organization.

Bitcoin Bubble?

What is Bitcoin & why has it gained so much value? Are governments afraid of it? What is Blockchain? Should I invest in Bitcoin? Let's take a look at all of these questions...


Net Neutrality

*As Featured in the San Diego Business Journal*

Net Neutrality is going to pass by the FCC. Do you know what it is? The Internet is about to change forever. Go to and do your part!

Election Winner, Financial Markets & 2017


This Election Year has been very interesting. Financial Markets have been volatile and both of the candidates have different views of how the economy should work. Let's see who wins this Election and make a few predictions for 2017 Markets!

Evolutionary Economics

If humans are going through a normal evolutionary process, is it not normal to think that the American economy and spending habits are adapting as well? What happens if we apply evolutionary principles to economics?


Why did Great Britain leave the EU? What percentage of College Students do not know that England and Great Britain are the same thing? Lets examine some of the 'Fun Facts' of BrExit!

Recent Court Cases

There have been a lot of recent court cases that Federal Court have passed, New Laws, that effect each and everyone of us. Worst of all, they will severely effect the future. Do you know what they are?

What is in Your Food?

Do you know where you food comes from? Have you ever hunted before, or do you think hunting is barbaric? In this article we examine the hypocrisy of the food market, and look at what your food is really made of.

Humans & Technology Merge. Evolution?

2016 may be one of the last years where Virtual Reality, and other new technologies, have not disrupted society and our lives. Are you aware of the new gains in Artificial Intelligence? What if this intelligence becomes not so artificial? 

Trauma Life After Obamacare

After a traumatic car accident and horrific injuries, Brett Blazys personally details his experience of the healthcare system - from how the hospital billing system really works, areas of the healthcare system Obamacare did not address, and feedback from the hospital personnel.


ObamaCare, otherwise known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, has changed the landscape of the current healthcare system, and has changed how innovation will arise in the current industry. Look for yourself and see how the big changes will affect you, and how the San Diego industry will be challenged to stay an industry leader!

Diabetes Device

UC San Diego’s Tech Transfer Office and two UC San Diego Doctors newly innovated a peripheral neuropathy device, testing the onset of diabetes. This case study details a Go-To-Market strategy for the device to be sold and acquired by a parent organization.