"Big Data" Financial analytics & consulting Solutions


Operation and Process Review

Labor Inefficiencies, Operational and Process Flow Benefits

Optimization of Lab and Finance Operational Measures

Accounting Insight, NOT just Information

Cash Management of Marketing & Sales = Financial Results




Future Market Trends & Innovations

Adoption of New Systems and Strategies (i.e. Oracle, Box, etc.)

Patent Life Expiration & New Pharmaceutical Strategies

Client Interaction and Representation


Interactive, Real Time Dashboards


Cloud Base Software Platform Connecting to 100+ Data Sources


Project Management & Corporate Strategy Financial Auditing


Quantitative Analysis Based on Individual Company KPI's


Company Specific Resource Differentials with Everyday Tasks


Clinical Trial Optimization Techniques

 Accurate, Profitable, and Decisive Financial Analysis

Unitized Revenue Recognition and Forecasting Optimization

Growing Asia Pacific Regions for IT and Biotechnology